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where Edmonton, Canada digital marketing consultant, Melanie Nathan, puts her 13 solid years of industry experience, knowledge and connections, to work for YOUR business.


I can optimize a website that search engines, and your visitors, will adore.

Link Building

I am known as one of the BEST link building experts in Canada.


I can create content that generates attention and buzz for your business.

Digital Marketing Services

Discover more about the full line of digital marketing services I offer.

I'm Melanie Nathan,

a veteran digital marketing consultant who understands the struggles of today’s business owners and the challenges they face in trying to get their websites, not only to the top of the search results, but to the top of their conversion game.
Your business is your baby. You want only the best for it.

I understand this because I've been there. I started out with my own eCommerce website in 2002 and I worked my butt off to make it a success. And now, 13 years, and a few Director of SEO positions later, I'm capable of creating winning digital marketing strategies from concept through deployment.

Along the way, I've contributed to many of the online marketing industries biggest and best websites by writing about my techniques and openly sharing them with others. Because of this, I've gained a reputation for being smart, creative and, most importantly, trustworthy.

How can I be of service to your online business?

An Edmonton marketing consultant with experience and connections.

Along with maintaining an engaging social media presence, Melanie also writes for numerous high authority websites, including Huffington Post, Examiner and Business.com.
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Melanie Nathan

Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant, PositionDIGITAL in Edmonton, Canada
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Web Design & Tech Columnist
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