January 26, 2016

5 Questions You Absolutely NEED to Ask a Digital Marketing Company

Whether you already have a digital marketing company working for your business or you’re thinking of hiring one, you need to ask them the following questions.


Why? Because nowadays practically anyone can say they have the digital marketing skills a business needs, but can they actually produce a record of measurable successes? As a business owner, you deserve the absolute BEST results you can get for your money.

Hi there, I’m Edmonton, Canada digital marketer Melanie Nathan, and I’ve been in the trenches offering digital marketing and SEO services for the better part of 14 years. If you’re serious about your business and your online marketing success, then here are five simple questions I urge you to ask your current digital marketing company, or any digital marketing company you’re thinking of hiring.

1. How will you know which digital marketing avenues are right for my business?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ marketing magic button. Internet marketing services should be creatively designed around your long-term business goals. Period. Careful competitive and market research must also be conducted. This important step offers invaluable insight into your market and sets a solid foundation to build on. Since every business is different, if your digital marketer hasn’t taken the time to get to know your customers or your market, then they’re really just guessing when it comes to your business.

2. Which specific results will I see?

A good digital marketing company will ensure that expectations are clearly laid out and that marketing goals are being tracked and measured. They will be transparent and able to provide solid analytical data as to the success of the initiatives they’re implementing. If they can’t physically show you how their efforts are effecting your business, then how will you know what’s specifically working and why?

3. What are some projects your company has worked on, and what were the results?

There is absolutely no room for BS when you’re dealing with someone’s livelihood. This is why a reputable marketing company will happily divulge their staff’s experience levels and offer first hand examples of specific projects they’ve been involved with. You should also be able to Google your digital marketer and see their articles on reputable websites and, if they really know their stuff, industry interviews they have participated in. Beware of a digital marketer or a digital marketing company with no online presence or happy clients to speak of.

4. How will your digital marketing company get real exposure for my business?

Getting links or exposure for a business is not something that every digital marketer has a talent for. It not only takes having connections, but also having passion, oodles of creativity and the ability to recognize opportunities where others do not. This is why many digital marketing agencies outsource this challenging task to those (like me!) who offer specialty link building services and content marketing services. If a digital marketing company is promising you media attention or attention from other websites, then get them to show you actual places they have been able to get clients mentioned or linked to before you sign up. If they can in fact get you exposure, they’ll have no problem divulging this important information.

5. Can I terminate my contract at any time?

A respectable digital marketing company would never lock a client into services they no longer saw value in. Make sure you’ll be free to leave – at any time – should you become unhappy with the marketing services you’re receiving.



“My name is Melanie Nathan, and I have 13 years of hands-on experience, marketing knowledge and connections to devote to your online business.  I offer internet marketing services in Edmonton, Alberta & throughout Canada and the US. If you’re not getting the results or the ROI you deserve, then lets discuss your goals and objectives.”


Contact me to chat about your online business goals. I’m happy to answers the above questions and more.


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