January 22, 2016

Internet Marketing Services by PositionDIGITAL Canada

These are the specialty Internet marketing services offered by Edmonton consultant, Melanie Nathan


SEO Services

seo internet marketing servicesIf you want your website to appear in Google, then search engine optimization is an internet marketing service you can’t ignore. SEO consists of technical site structure, competitive research and website optimization, and is the foundation of solid internet marketing services.

Link Building Services

link building internet marketing services

Even if you have the best website structure, the most relevant keywords and the most carefully crafted internet marketing strategy, you are unlikely to appear top 10 for competitive search terms, unless your site is also referenced, or linked to, by big websites within your niche.

Content Marketing Services

content internet marketing servicesInternet content can take many forms. You might find success from publishing compelling blog posts, or news articles, or infographics, or videos related to your industry. Regardless of which type of content you produce and market for your business, it needs to be valuable and worthwhile to your audience.

What is Internet Marketing?


Internet marketing is an all encompassing term for the different online marketing avenues that are used in today’s world. There is much more to providing successful internet marketing services though, than just building a website, choosing keywords or writing a blog.

An efficient search-engine friendly website structure, relevant links and engaging content are all crucial components for online success. And, as you may have already discovered, it can be quite costly to keep an internet marketing expert on payroll.

Hi there. I’m Edmonton Internet marketing consultant, Melanie Nathan. As an online business owner, I’ve been where you are and I’m here to help.

Why Does an Online Business Need Internet Marketing Services?


Recent studies have shown that 90 percent of people on the internet use search engines, and at least 1.2 trillion searches are performed each year. TRILLION! For this reason, websites that are unnoticed by the search engines or are ranked poorly within them, are virtually invisible to the vast majority of internet users.

This may not be a big deal if your website is just for your own personal use, but it makes all the difference in the world if you intend to use your website to attract an audience and make a profit.

If you can successfully and ethically optimize your site and content in a way that it will rank highly in Google, the end result will be more engaged visitors and increased conversion opportunities, which is really the ultimate goal of owning an online business.

A business that wishes to thrive in the 21st century must build and maintain a smart internet marketing strategy.