January 22, 2016

Content Marketing Services from a Creative Marketer

Creative Content Marketing Services by Canada marketer, Melanie Nathan


1. Niche Research & Idea Generation

What has been some of THE most popular online content ever produced in your niche? Why did it do so well? What benefit did it have to the publishing website? How can your business get the same, or better, results? I will provide the answers to these questions and more, as well as create a custom report of high-quality, original content ideas for you to consider creating and publishing to your website.

2. Content Research & Creation

Have you ever seen a great piece of online content and wondered how on earth they got the information to create it? Mind blowing content that has been expertly researched and carefully created with the user in mind, is precisely the type of thing that gets people talking and sharing nowadays. I can make the ideas generated during the research phase come to life for your online audience.

3. Content Promotion & Reporting

The Internet is a big place and, no matter how amazing, the chances of your content being found all on it’s own, are slim to none. I can make sure your new content gets in front of the people who will care about it the most. The end result will be high-quality content promotion that naturally attracts relevant traffic and backlinks, which ultimately facilitates your search engine rankings and promotes your brand.


I’m Melanie Nathan, an expert content marketer with 13 years of experience in finding and reaching an online audience. I’ve always had a passion for producing high quality content, whether for myself or others. I also provide high-level SEO services and link building services. Together we can identify and then creatively engage your target audience.


Content marketing is your modern secret weapon for attracting online visitors, and keeping them engaged.


Search engine algorithms continually change, but one thing is for sure: quality content that offers high value to users is more important today than ever before. And if you’re wondering how search engines can determine the quality of your content, you don’t need too look far to find the answer. Google’s own #1 core principle is: “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”

As far as they are concerned, your content user experience is one of their main keys to determining your website’s quality. They’ve even been experimenting with ways to determine if a user actually got what they searched for from your website and your content.

And, since one of their core principals is also, “Great just isn’t good enough.”, your content needs to give the user exactly what they want, in just the way they want it. Together, we can do just that.


I can create the type of content that gets your business talked about. Contact me for a free consultation.