January 22, 2016

Creative Link Building Services from an Expert Link Builder

The expert Link Building Services offered by Canada link builder, Melanie Nathan


1. Backlink Audits

Do you know which websites are currently linking to yours? Which are your strongest backlinks? WHY are they strong? Do you have any links from websites that the search engines don’t trust? Does Google trusts YOUR website? It’s important to know the answers to these questions if competitive search engine rankings are a goal for your online business. I can dive into your backlink profile, identify any issues, and then recommend a plan of attack for your business to gain the link authority needed to rank for your search terms.

2. Competitor Backlink Analysis

Which of your competitors has the best backlink profile? Exactly how many links do they have? What type of links are they? How did they get their links? Do your competitors have any inbound links that you do not? How can you build those links too? My expert backlink analysis will answer these questions and more. This type of competitive knowledge is invaluable for helping you understand what you’re competing against and exposing clear opportunities to differentiate your business from your online competitors.

3. Manual Link Building

Using the information gathered during the above processes, I will create a list of high-authority link prospects for your approval. Then I’ll go after the links on your behalf. My link building services are NOT automated. I’m successful at attaining links because I’m ethical, personable and resourceful. I’ve also built up some incredible digital PR connections and creative techniques during my 13 year career. The links I acquire will be so good that your competitors may decide to do some research on YOU.


I’m Melanie Nathan, expert link building services provider with 13 years of in the trenches experience. I also offer custom SEO services and, if you’re looking to naturally attract backlinks to your website, specialty content marketing services. If you’d like to increase your niche authority and search engine rankings, contact me today.


It’s vital that you chose wisely when it comes to link building services for your business.


Why? The amount of backlinks your website has, is one of the major ranking factors used by the search engines. But the quality of your links matters too. A LOT. In fact, low quality links can be detrimental to your website where search engine rankings are concerned. How do I know this? Besides having over a decade of experience to go by, Google told me.

It is MUCH better to have ten highly relevant backlinks to your website, from trusted sites and experts in your niche, than it is to have hundreds of unrelated or non-relevant ones. Good manual link building services will provide editorial links from a wide variety of websites that are directly related to your business, and NOT from directories, forum signatures or blog comments.

Building inbound links the right way takes creativity, time, effort and patience. It also requires in-depth research and a solid understanding of what makes a site “trusted” in the eyes of the search engines. I am renowned for my link building expertise and ability to obtain links from very high-authority websites.

Link Building Testimonials:


“One of my favorite link building experts; Melanie Nathan. Melanie has been involved in online marketing since 2003 and is a wonderful writer on all things link building in addition to being a well-respected link builder by her peers.” – Eric Covino, SEO Book

“Training link builders from scratch? I recommend just hiring Melanie Nathan.” – Dawn Smith, SEO Manager

“Edmonton SEO Melanie Nathan, is creator of a formalized broken link building process. You can (and should) follow Melanie on Twitter for fantastic link building resources.” – Garrett French, Citation Labs


My link building services can safely increase your online authority. Contact me for a free consultation.