January 22, 2016

Edmonton SEO Consultant & Expert SEO Service Provider

 The following 4 SEO Services are offered by Edmonton SEO veteran, Melanie Nathan

1. Technical SEO Audits

Do you have an Edmonton (or North-American) based business? Is your website getting maximum search engine exposure? Do you rank for important key words and phrases? Is all of your content actually being seen by Google? Why are searchers not clicking on your results in the listings? After I have gone over your website and created my audit report, all of these questions will be answered and so much more.

2. Competitor Research and Analysis

Do you actually know who your online competitors are? Which keywords are they targeting? Which websites link to them? Do they have any media attention? Which marketing initiatives are they pursuing? How much traffic do they receive? How much money do they make?? Imagine how valuable this type of competitive intelligence could be to your business. I’ll identify exactly what makes your top online competitors tick, either in Edmonton or elsewhere in North-America.

3. Keyword Research

Which keywords are people typing into the search engines to access your type of products or services? Are more people searching for “pop”, or “soda”? What about “runners”, or “sneakers”? How do you know which search terms are best for your business? My high level keyword research will uncover the information your business needs to attract the right online buyers.

4. Website Optimization

Using the information gathered during the above processes, I will optimize your website architecture and content so that the traffic you receive will be relevant, targeted and eager to convert.


I’m Melanie Nathan; a veteran Edmonton SEO consultant with 13 years of hands-on experience. I also provide link building services and content marketing services. You deserves the absolute best results you can get for your business. If you’re serious about your online success, then I urge you to contact me today to discuss your business and your goals.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is about making websites super visible to the search engines.

SEO services are necessary because search engines do not see websites the same way people do. Search engines can not comprehend content, look at images or watch videos. Instead, search engines view websites in terms of keywords, links, usability, and technical construction.

They use complicated mathematical algorithms to determine the value of a website and it’s relevance to the term being searched, and these algorithms take into account hundreds of factors.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is about making websites super visible to the search engines, improving their rankings within those engines, and ensuring that site content is valuable to both search engines and human visitors alike.

SEO Testimonials:

“Melanie’s own search results are undeniable. She’s very talented at what she does.” – Tanya Camp, BucketDuck

“Melanie was amazing. From the beginning I felt that I was more than just another project.” – Byron Linton, UnderABuck.com

“I have always appreciated our chats and Melanie is a great resource for getting second opinions on anything SEO & link building. She’s definitely helped me think outside of the box for several projects.” – Nick Leroy, SEO Consultant


My Edmonton SEO services work for the search engines, as well as your business. Contact me for a free consultation.